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Due to high total costs of taxation and other taxes, the consumer price of cars is higher in the Netherlands than cars in other parts of Europe.

When importing a car, for business or private purposes, it’s possible to maintain a lower and a more profitable tax-rate than when purchasing a car which is already in the Netherlands.

In Germany, and some other countries in Europe, the value of cars is decreasing much quicker than cars in the Netherlands.
Interested in importing a car to the Netherlands other countries in Europe?


We operate with three different packages:

Package A (€200,- including V.A.T)
Package A includes the calculation of the lowest payable BPM (special environmental tax on motor vehicles). You will receive a BPM valuation report and a BPM tax declaration. 

Package B (€750,- including V.A.T)
Package B includes the importation, declaration to customs, vehicle registration and inspection, including any temporary storage until approval of your vehicle. We also provide a luxury type of the registration plates. With this package you arrange the purchase and transport of your vehicle yourself.

Package C (€1250,- including V.A.T)
Package C is a full and complete package. We assist you in the purchase of your new vehicle, provide the services described under package B, including transport (up to 200km distance) and temporary storage of your vehicle until the registration is completed. 

For package B & C an advance payment for BPM is required. 

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Betrouwbare full-option occasions

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